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LED Headlamp is a new must-have!!!

Man's best friend on a dark deserted night is not his dog or his wife or his weapon; actually it is his 3 watt cree led head lamp. This is a tool for everyone and should be owned by everyone.
Whether I am working in a crawl space, attic or any area with no light; there is nothing more important than my 3 watt Cree head lamp. I keep one in my 4x4, tool box, kitchen drawer, garage and tool shed. This unit is indispensible for mechanics, tradesmen, linesmen, outdoors men and all handymen. This unit has gotten me out of more jambs than I can remember. When I have a flat tire; it is perfect for finding lug nuts on a dark night or I just set it on flash and it flashes rapidly, so other cars can see me. When I need to see long distance I just set it on zoom and I can easily see 100 yards ahead. When I am outback checking on critters I set it on wide angle. This head lamp has a low and a high setting. Since I bought this unit I no longer use hand held flashlights. The batteries are cheaper; the unit is lighter, it mounts securely to your head freeing up your hands and it is adjustable and the light goes where you need it. It can be set on a table when the lights go out. It is ideal for every activity that requires light. In fact it is one of the brightest flashlights on the market. Every individual should have at least one. I currently own ten and I never go anywhere without one close by. My kids wear them at night when they bike ride; they put them on their bike helmets. Talk about a great safety feature. One of my kids attached it to the back of the bicycle and set it on flash mode .https://www.gothamdepot.com

3 watt cree headlamp

Super Bright 3 Watt CREE LED Head Lamp

SKU: DL1010


Noaa Radio

Palm Size AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Radio

SKU: D103X

During my last camping trip we relied heavily on my portable AM/FM/SW/NOAA weather radio. I used it to keep up to date on weather forecasts and news. My wife used it as a flashlight and my son used it to power his cell phone. The batteries didn't make it through the trip as it was constantly being used for something. During the day we allowed it to charge with the sun and for quick charging the dynamo really came in handy. The crank charger enabled us to make it through the remainder of the campo ut and kept us up to date on the chaotic storms traversing the area. Eventually we had to pack up as we learned that a hurricane was on it's way. This portable weather radio is an absolute necessity for every homeowner, camper, in fact everyone.